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I specialize in genealogical research in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, and Latin American countries. I also specialize in Basque and Catalan Ethnic groups.

After graduating from BYU in 2013, I began researching professionally. This research has taken me to do research and present in many countries, giving me archival experience. 


BA Brigham Young University, Genealogy and Family History, 2013

M.Ed. University of Utah, Instructional Design and Educational Technology, 2017

Accredited Genealogist® (AG®) from the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen    ) in Spain, 2014

AG® from ICAPGen     in France, 2017

AG® from ICAPGen      in Mexico, 2019

AG® from ICAPGen in Portugal, 2020




B Baird Genealogy Services

Research Services

I am able to provide genealogical research services for multiple countries. I charge $50/hour. I do not have a minimum hour requirement. Contact me via email for inquiries or for a complete list of research services follow the link below.


Translation & Extraction

I am able to provide translation & extraction services for traditional records found in my areas of expertise. Prices for this service will vary dependent on the record type and length of document.

Marriage of Micaela Arango Espinoza

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